Richard Greaves “Anarchitecture” has been torn down in total indifference

Today we jumped in the car with our residents from Lyon’s BHN and drove to rang Chausse-Gros in Quebec’s Beauce region to see in what state Anarchitecture was. The well known visionary environment listed in the 2009 edition of the Outsider Art Sourcebook and said to be located at 494 rang Chausse-Gros in Quebec, Canada, was actually located on the left side of a tiny forest road, south of a certain Mr. Trepanier piece of land housing a fixed mobile home at 514 rang Chausse-Gros.

Richard Greaves Anarchitecture was the object of a landmark collaborative book co-written in 2005 by Sarah Lombardi, now head of the Collection de l’Art Brut de Lausanne and Dr. Valérie Rousseau, now Curator, art of the self-taught and art brut at the American Folk Art Museum. The book was illustrated by Mario Del Curto great black and white photo work. Richard Greaves work had also been the object of a travelling exhibit curated by Lombardi and Rousseau at Fonderie Darling Gallery in Montreal in 2005. Last news available publicly about Greaves were published in 2012 on Animula Vagula’s blog space. Our journey ended up today in front of the wreckage of Richard Greaves assemblage house.

Mr. Trepanier tired of seeing people walking on his land – took the structure down without any consideration – in the community and Canadian art world total indifference. We did not found traces of the artist in the nearby villages of St-Simon-les-Mines or St-René, where he is believed to have resettled. We hope he’s well and still active.

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